I’m not an experienced rider but I have galloped before on another trail, will I be able to try?

Only advanced riders – those who have had their own horses or had extensive lessons – will be allowed to gallop. We are not a riding school that teaches people how to ride, so only experienced riders will be allowed to do more than a walking pace once we leave the reserve.

Even though our horses are quiet and know their work, riders need to understand how to control a horse at a canter and gallop, and how to sit correctly, for both their own safety and the comfort of our horses.

If other centre’s have permitted beginners to gallop, that is their prerogative, but our priorities are our guests’ safety and our horses’ well being. 

I am an experienced rider but my partner is an absolute beginner. Will I be able to go for a gallop?

We are only allowed to walk inside the game reserve because of all the animals, but when we leave the sanctuary there is place to go for a canter. If there are beginners on the ride, we will first get them home slowly and safely and then the experienced riders can go for a canter.

Why must children pay the same price as adults?

The same horses are going out on the trail whether it’s an adult or a child riding. They are still doing the same work, eating the same amount of food, and walking for the same length of time regardless of the age of the rider. Our guides are also doing the same work, for the same length of time whether it’s a child or an adult riding. We still need to prepare the horses in the same way and we do the same trail. 

Your maximum weight limit is 90kg but I weigh 95kg, it’s only 5kg – can I ride?

Our horses are all a small breed Boerperd. Horses should not be expected to carry more than 15% to 20% of their body weight. On a 450kg horse, that absolute maximum at 20% is 90kg. Anything above that is not fair to the horse and their well being is of utmost importance to us. 

There are other riding centre’s that have bigger horse breeds and therefore a higher maximum weight limit. If you need contact details you are welcome to ask us. 

Can my 2 year old join our family ride sitting with mom/dad in the saddle?

No, our minimum age is 8 years old. Each rider is on their own horse. 

My child is 6 years old but has riding lessons, can he/she join?

Our minimum age is 8 years old and we cannot make exceptions, even if your child can ride.

Just like driving a car, even if you can drive at 16, you cannot get a driver’s license and drive on the roads until you are 18 – its the rules. 

What if I’ve never been on a horse?

Our horses are suitable for all levels of experience. We have often had guests who have never sat on a horse before. We have a kind, gentle herd of horses who look after our guests well as they are so well looked after and loved.

How many people can you take on a ride?

We can take groups of up to 7 people at a time.

How old must my child be before he/she can join?

Children from 8 years old and up are welcome to join us.

What is the maximum weight of the rider?

The maximum weight of a rider is 90kg to be able to participate in our rides.