Wildlife Sanctuary and Wine Tasting Horse Rides – December 2016

The past few days we have had a number of lovely families and groups of friends mounting a gentle steed and taking an amble through the wildlife sanctuary together, or going for a canter through the vineyards before enjoying a wine tasting experience at Villiera Wines. We’ve had both locals and tourists alike joining us as well as children, parents and grandparents. Our horses are suitable for all levels of experience and we are able to cater for a blended group of rider experience where one person want to continue with their slow stroll, while their companion would prefer a canter through the vineyards. Our wine tasting horse rides are popular at this time of year as people wind down after a busy season and choose to treat themselves and loved ones to a wildlife and wine horse riding experience.

One thought on “Wildlife Sanctuary and Wine Tasting Horse Rides – December 2016

  1. Looking for a 2 hour horseriding for my husband and I today. We will be passing through Stellenbosch around lunchtime today.

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